Temporarily not accepting any NEW orders

Is it because I was gone during August? September has been nuts! I had a couple of big personal projects, vanilla work is very busy and it seems like you missed me as well :)

My body also got busy, in September it has given me two periods. Like who does that?  This has set me a bit behind on my panty wearing schedule. I am going to take the beginning of October to catch up on all of my lovely packages. I will hand up another note here when I am ready to take on new panty wearing adventures with you.

Oh and it was my birthday on the 12th. One more naughty year under my belt. How naughty can we make the next?

I hope your summer has been great. I am looking forward to the fall and holidays.

Payment Methods

If you are a US buyer and pay with GiftRocket, please contact me before sending payment. Giftrocket labels some emails as ‘high traffic’ and if you send the payment to my main email, you will pay much higher fees now. So! Shoot me a quick message and I can let you know of another email addy to send the payment to.

Gyft.com is another payment method I am now accepting.  You can send a giftcard to my email (melspantiesxxx@gmail.com) to an Aerie store.  That site accepts credit cards and PayPal.

I am looking for more payment options that are more convenient for you.  Something that you have used in the past with other panty sellers and it has worked for you. Please, leave it in the comments below or send me a quick email. I really appreciate it.  Wouldn’t it just be wonderful if PayPal didn’t ban anything adult related?  Well, in any case, I find payments can be a bit to figure out when purchasing a first pair. After that, it works smooth.


Back from Yukon


I am baaack! Yukon was very interesting to see. It’s not populated at all and the views are amazing. I did a lot of hiking and visiting all sort of ‘heritage villages’ along the gold rush route.



I always wondered what Yukon looks like.



Miles Canyon by Whitehorse.


My first time seeing a buffalo. He was just chilling by the side of the road with another fifty of his buffalo buddies.

Current wait for panties is at two and a half to three weeks. There is no wait for my smelly socks.

I am starting to accept payments through Gyft.com. Please, pick out the Aerie giftcard if you are paying through Gyft.com. Giftrocket has been raising their fees, so if you are in US, you can now pay through gyft.com


More worn thongs!

I am updating the thong and panty listings with some of the new pairs of thongs that I got over the last little while. Some are from Aerie and some are from Le Vie en Rose.  There was a particular picture that I wanted to share with you. Something told me, you would like it.

Photo on 2014-07-27 at 21.57


I am going away very soon! and I am all booked up until then. I wanted to keep my worn thong listings updated for when I return on Aug 25th. Plus, I kinda wanted to tease you :P I will be adding more through out the day.

Away August 5th to 25th


How’s your summer going? Mine is going amazing! I have been getting my panties and socks extra fragrant with the warm weather outside.  Biking and roller blading has been a big part of my summer, so far :) Warm summer nights are my favourite.

As I type this, my panty queue is 4 days long. So there are still a few days left before I leave on a vacation on August 5th. Socks are only at a one day wait. While I am away, my ability to communicate with you will be limited, but I will get back to each email upon my return.

Photo on 2014-06-14 at 13.48

My site is now one year old, by the way. When I used to sell before, it has been a pair here and there, but now I am swimming in a sea of sexy panty dreams! And not only panties. I have expanded to socks. I have a serious thing for observing my worn items soak up my scent. Socks are awesome for that, since I can do up to a week long wears. They get a light scent on day one. A nice scent on day two, which increases on day 3 and 4. Past that, only the more experienced sock connoisseurs venture, especially in the summer.

I have been getting some lovely requests from you as well. Some are for my worn bras and sweaty shirts. I am considering adding a few listings of bras and shirts, because as I have discovered, so many of you get aroused by all sorts of body scents.