Lacey’s Treats

There is a bit of a wait for my panties right now. So why not head over to Lacey’s Treats and check out her panty selection?

She’s a fellow Canadian seller with a spectacular collection of worn panties. If you are into panties that have been worn for years, you need to head over to her page and check out panties. She has THE stash.

Oh, boys, Lacey is truly very lovely. And you better be nice to this chicka, okies?

She knows how to take very creative pictures of her feet and socks. Her feet have a lot of character, are very expressive and hard to forget.


This thong makes me blush.

No, really. It does!

Photo on 2014-12-20 at 14.44 #3

It is very tight. So the fabric sits right against my lips, squeezing them together. The wings of the butterfly both dig in and expose my pubic bone. I can feel the rough zipper of my jeans rubbing against my skin and have to constantly remind myself that I am not going commando.

And as you know, I am such a sucker for awkward and bizarre panties, socks and thongs. This is for sure, one of those cases. I also added a bunch of other panties today. Including a couple of VS pairs. Some very nice gussets to paint. Anyways, head on to used panties store page and check out the newest additions of #246+. I love modeling my cute panties for you!

Current wait for my panties is at about two weeks. There is no wait for my worn socks.

Which pair of lace panties do you like more?

I have been playing with so many pairs of panties! I must admit, I have been panty shopping three times since my last update to my panty page. Eeek! So I have so many pairs of pretty panties to show you and tease you with!


What do you think looks better across my bum? Black or baby blue lace?

Photo on 2014-12-20 at 15.07 #2

Pssst…! Leave your answer in the comments :P

Photo on 2014-12-20 at 15.04 #2

Current wait for my worn panties is at 11-ish days. And there is no wait for the socks.

Who’s in the mood to smell my dirty panties and worn socks?

How’s everyone doing?

Photo on 2014-11-06 at 21.21 #2

I have been super duper awesome! Busy wearing all the lovely panties to the dirtiest of perfection. Right now, the wait list for my worn panties is down to only a week and there is no wait for my smelly socks.  So shoot me an email, if a pair of panties or socks catches your eye –

My friend has been interested in selling her worn panties and socks lately. So Lacey is busy building a site right now, posting all the worn panties and socks that she has. The site is not done yet, so no peeking! haha Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have another Canadian girl with sweet smelling treats? She’s a sassy blonde. And we all know the wonderful trait that all new sellers have…. full drawers of old worn out socks and panties and the cute excitement at the giant panty shopping trips! Oh who am I kidding, I still get so giddy when I go panty shopping.  So when Lacey’s site goes live, promise to be on your best behaviour when chatting with this new Canadian panty seller? She is a sweetheart!

Okies, time for me to run along. Sending lots of love your way!

Temporarily not accepting any NEW orders

Is it because I was gone during August? September has been nuts! I had a couple of big personal projects, vanilla work is very busy and it seems like you missed me as well :)

My body also got busy, in September it has given me two periods. Like who does that?  This has set me a bit behind on my panty wearing schedule. I am going to take the beginning of October to catch up on all of my lovely packages. I will hand up another note here when I am ready to take on new panty wearing adventures with you.

Oh and it was my birthday on the 12th. One more naughty year under my belt. How naughty can we make the next?

I hope your summer has been great. I am looking forward to the fall and holidays.